PT. Gunung Subur Is Back To Achieved Primaniyarta Export Award 2013

December 9, 2014
PT. Gunung Subur Achieved SNI Award 2013
December 18, 2014

PT. Gunung Subur Is Back To Achieved Primaniyarta Export Award 2013

All the directors and employees of PT Gunung Subur. deserved to be proud of this achievement. The producer of the tea brand Kepala Djenggot and Teh Gardoe is back to achieve Primaniyarta Export Award 2013 for the second time, this year PT Gunung Subur won the award for the Global Brand Developer category.

Primaniyarta is annually given prize awarded to the Indonesian exporters for their remarkable and outstanding achievement in order to enhance export value from Indonesia. This award has been initiated since 1992 by the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, and for the awarded exporter, it is such an honor to be awarded by this special award.

Primaniyarta Award has four main categories, which are: High Performance Exporter; Global Brand Developers; Small Business Export, Export SMEs, as well as Pioneer to the new market Exporter. The winning companies have the best value in the aspects of financial performance, discipline tax, customs abiding, environmentally friendly, mutually beneficial relationships with its employees, and the use of its own brand.

PT Gunung Subur Sejahtera has been awarded a Winner for a prestigious 2013 Primaniyarta Award as a "Global Brand Developer". The judging process was held in October 4th, 2013 at the Ministry of Trade office in Jakarta. The selection and determination of the Primaniyarta award winning Company/Exporter for 4 (four) categories was conducted by Independent Jury Team, that comes from various background related to Indonesia Export.

The award was given by the Vice President of Republic of Indonesia, Boediono, during the opening of Trade Expo 2013 in Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Kemayoran, Jakarta.

A big congratulations to PT Gunung Subur Sejahtera for the hard work, commitment, integrity; and a huge thanksgiving to our God for the favor and the opportunity... Our best is yet to come!!!