PT. Gunung Subur Sejahtera

Over 65 Years On The Market

PT. GUNUNG SUBUR SEJAHTERA is an innovative, global oriented tea and coffee beverages company located in beautiful and heritage rich city of Solo in Central Java, Indonesia.

Established in 1951, PT. GUNUNG SUBUR SEJAHTERA has gained reputation as national market leader. Its products are highly sought after nationally as well as abroad, including but not limited to Western Europe, Middle East, Japan and many more.

Ongoing commitment to highest quality and product safety led PT. GUNUNG SUBUR SEJAHTERA to be awarded with ISO 9001, HACCP level 3 certification (Food Safety Certification Standard), numerous industry prestigious awards for excellent manufacturing practices, consistent and safety as well as remarkable sales performance quality.

It is a great pleasure and priviledge to introduce our finest tea and coffee collection for your personal preview and intimate enjoyment.


SNI Award 2007, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016

Awards given as recognition in excellent implementation of SNI standards in all manufacturing and management process.

Primaniyarta Award 2010 & 2013

Awards given for excellent international sales performance and efforts.

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What We Are Proud Of

Our philosophy is centered around a simple yet holistic principle called "BLM" which stands for "Beri" (To Give), "Lakukan" (To Do), "Menjadi" (To Be) the BEST in everything that we do.

More elaborately, we strongly believe that we need to ensure our clients success prior to our own success, we believe in commitment for excellence, we believe in serving with heart attitude, we believe in caring for our people and their family and last but not least, we believe in giving back to our society.

They define who we are, what we do and how we do things the Gunung Subur Sejahtera way...


A brief preview of PT. Gunung Subur Sejahtera rich history and its pioneering spirit :

In 1951 PT. Gunung Subur Sejahtera has begun its production in the northern part of Solo. It was traditionally done using desiccation which is a technique of cooking tea using oval shaped zinc ovens on hearths with one meter diametrical hole.

The materials came from selected plantations at 1.250 meter above sea level and its final products was a success and highly sought after in Surakarta and surrounding areas. The tea products were famously known for its full & rich body and strong characters which many people became falling in love with.

From a humble but strong beginning and with a lot of hard work the company started and needed to grow bigger and needing to move to a bigger and better facility in Karanganyar, 20 minutes drive east of Solo. Under the leadership of the late Mr. Gunawan Wibisono, the company was transformed into a modern and forward looking one, implementing international standards and created innovations way ahead from its competitors at the time.

Our green tea along with many other variants were introduced. Different packaging such as teabag and sachet were introduced to increase value, hygiene and ease of our products enjoyment and make our customers happy & healthy.

Our green tea line has won its own growing fanatic customer base and became the nation's market leader in the category way before other companies could offer similar options.

Moving toward 2010 onward, the company was all prepared to enter the next exciting journey under the leadership of Mr. Henry Wibisono.

The tea artistry skill of many years is being preserved and perfected with aggressive innovations and developments. New technology, machineries, new variants were introduced. New division focusing on ready to drink segment were upgraded and developed to further providing innovative healthy and fun products to our loyal customers and new ones alike. All being done while preserving the family oriented culture and values across the company.

It is very exciting for all of us to navigate the company forward and embrace our new generation of customers and loyal followers, sharing our knowledge of tea artistry and healthy lifestyle with everyone to benefit and enjoy...

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Food Safety Management

Strict Quality Control


Good Manufacturing Practice

Good Manufacturing Practice regulations implementation that enable the company to take proactive steps to ensure that our products are safe, pure, hygiene, and effective, through a quality approach to manufacturing enabling company to eliminate instances of contamination, mix-ups, error which in turn, protects the consumers from purchasing products that are not effective or even dangerous.

HACCP Level 3

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

International standards implementations of systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical & physical hazards and contaminants in production process that can cause final products to be unsafe as well as designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level.

HACCP is focused on the health safety issues and its principles are the basis of most food quality and safety assurance systems.

ISO 9001:2015


Halal Certificate MUI

Halal Certification is a process through a certain procedure that involve both producer and LPPOM MUI to prove that the materials used, production facility, production process and halal assurance system of the producer have met halal requirement of LPPOM MUI, thus the products produced can be declared as halal products by Fatwa Committee and written in a halal certificate.