Exotic Fruit tea is enough to make anyone fall in love with the feeling of summer. There are many benefits of drinking Fruit tea as it is jam-packed with assorted vitamins and minerals


A rich blend of fine quality tea infused with refreshing shots of lemon. Perfect to quench your thirst after hot day in the sun.

Vitamin C Benefits

One fluid ounce of lemon juice contains 12 milligrams of vitamin C.

Water-soluble, vitamin C helps fight free radicals -- rogue molecules that damage your DNA. Free radicals may contribute to the development of diseases such as cancer and heart disease. By counteracting the negative effects of free radicals, vitamin C helps decrease the risk of developing cataracts by 80 percent. In addition to healing wounds, vitamin C helps maintain and repair your teeth and bones. Moreover, your body requires this antioxidant to form collagen, a protein used to build skin, blood vessels, cartilage and tendons.


An exciting blend of selected black tea with all natural extract of blackcurrant fruits. Unique and daring.

Anti-Viral Benefit

A 2014 issue of “Frontiers of Microbiology” included a study that found that black currant leaf extract could protect against the influenza A virus, also known as the flu virus.

The in vitro study found that blackcurrant leaf extract was useful in preventing the proliferation of the flu virus during the early stages, less than two hours after infection. Scientists concluded that black currant leaf extract could help reduce the risk of infection from the influenza virus.