PT. Gunung Subur Achieved SNI Award 2013

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Desember 18, 2014
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November 28, 2016

PT. Gunung Subur Achieved SNI Award 2013

Another Big Congratulations to PT Gunung Subur for its Nomination and a WINNER of the prestigious SNI AWARD 2013 for Medium Company Category Food & Agriculture Sector Goods.

SNI Award is the highest honor from the government of Indonesia to the organization / company that runs good management, good operational, and consistently apply SNI. Through SNI Award producers, consumers and the general public are expected to appreciate the quality aspects and understand the need to participate actively in the development and the usage of SNI as a supply reference and market demand.

SNI Award may also be a reference for the company or organization to increase its performance, because SNI Award assesses every aspect that can promote the progress of the company or organization in achieving better performance.

"Let this milestone achievement not becoming an end to itself, but to inspire and to passionately motivate us to become better each day! This is the time for the True Champions of PT Gunung Subur to arise and shine with Excellence, Commitment, Passion and Integrity!! Let us all be united to Give the BEST, Do the BEST, and Be the BEST!!! Your very best is yet to come.. "said Mr. Henry Wibisono, President Director as the representative of PT. Gunung Subur to receive SNI Award 2013.

Not any company could earn SNI Award, from more than 150 companies, there are only 30 companies with different categories which are able to achieve SNI Award. After going through a rigorous assessment of organization performance, awareness of SNI (policy, implementation, education, development, and promotion), and Business Results until factory audit by the ISO team, PT. Gunung Subur crowned the SNI Award 2013 for Medium Company Category Food & Agriculture Sector Goods.