PT. Gunung Subur Is Back To Achieved Primaniyarta Export Award 2013
Desember 18, 2014


The tea traditions embeded in our indonesian cultures for over hundred of years. Indonesia Archipelagos accustomed to offer tea for important ceremonies to welcoming special guests. Nowadays drinking tea is part of the norm that no one ever notice its origin and rich traditions. The time is now to introduce back the tradition.

Gunung Subur, the producer of renowned Kepala Djenggot Teh Hijau, join forces with Bedrock Asia celebrates its recent year achievements and awards: SNI & Primaniyarta Awards 2013 with Media Colleagues through "Tea in Tradition" Media Gathering at Moe's Place, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.

Rain was heavily poured outside yet didn't stop press media colleages attending the event. It was pack of more than 30 people yet cozy. It's perfect time to share "Tea in Traditions". The event was filled with curiousity, there is Mr. Henry Gunawan, President Director of PT. Gunung Subur accompanied by the renowned tea expert, Mrs. Ratna Somantri shared heart-to-heart to the media about our Indonesia tea quality and continued with live demontration how-to prepare tea in traditions from Russia, Marocco, Tegal, MinangKabau, Tegal and Solo.

Three hours pack with laughter, warmth and uplifting atmosphere, many media colleagues enjyoed mouthwatering snacks and of course indulged with a zip of Kepala Djenggot's Teh Hijau.

Few Media Colleagues said: It was a blast from the past and now glad to see a childhood's favorite brand is coming to life and progressing to the future.

The event was very welcoming, light-hearted & informal ambiance that suited as an edutainment, inspirational and experential tea event!